“Everything in New Orleans is a good idea.”

I am so grateful – I got to hang out in New Orleans for a week with the best boyfriend I [will ever] have (ever had). Here are some scenes.

My main objective (in life) was to photograph as many beautiful and unique houses as I could. Here are a few of my favorites: Continue reading ““Everything in New Orleans is a good idea.””


TBT : 1970s Seattle

Gabrielle found this book for me at the library.

A collection of photos, mostly candid, of life in 1970s Seattle.

I’m out of words today so I’ll let the photos speak for themselves: Continue reading “TBT : 1970s Seattle”

“Hello Nature” by William Wegman

My office is right across from the public library. On a lunch break, I decided to go in and browse. Like magic, this book jumped off the shelf and into my hands. I wasn’t looking for it and had no context for it, outside of knowing that William Wegman did the Weimaraner photos, but I found it to be an exceptional artistically-inspiring read. It was like reading through a book I didn’t know I wrote, full of art I didn’t know I’d created. Here, collected, I present some of my favorite pieces to inspire you, reader, and to file away for me to refer to later.   🙂

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