Observations of Consciousness, 2/18

Day 19 is our first road trip.

I’m/We’re learning how all this works.

We drive to Highway 9 and north to Little Mountain Park. We don’t know where we’re going and I can’t focus on maps, we wander. We stop at the scenic overlooks, but there’s an old abandoned car I’m trying to find. I remember it from my first trip here and we scramble up and down a couple trails until finally it appears around a corner. (It’s on the Bonny & Clyde trail, southeast of the juncture with Fred’s trail, for future reference.) Continue reading “Observations of Consciousness, 2/18”


Beautiful Beautiful Bellingham

So I get bored really easily, and being equipped with a car and a map, I’ve been taking scenic drives whenever I have nothing to do at school (or just don’t want to do it). Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera. But I plan on returning/seeing more with my camera and posting many a photo-blog (I picked up a hiking trail guide). This is a rough draft/teaser of where I’ve been thus far (taken with my camera phone):

Lummi Island
Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends? on Lummi Island
Lake Padden
Lake Padden – one of the best places for a walk in Bham
Bay View Park
Bay View Park on the drive back home
Nooksack Falls
Nooksack Falls, along the Mt. Baker Scenic Highway
Nooksack Falls
Proof I was really there
Mt. Baker
The top of Mt. Baker from the top of Highway 542
Heather Meadows
Epically gorgeous Heather Meadows, at the top of Highway 542
Heather Meadows
Heather Meadows