Location Scouting in Astoria, Oregon : Day 2

On Day 2, I awake and am further impressed by the universe, the sun, the little corner of the Earth I call home, the Pacific Northwest, the town of Astoria, and this hotel/hostel. The rooms have such an amazing natural light that keeps me slow and sleepy and a lazy morning finally leads Brian and I to breakfast at the Columbian Cafe. Continue reading “Location Scouting in Astoria, Oregon : Day 2”


Location Scouting in Astoria, Oregon : Day 1

A few weeks ago we were making dinner at my house and Gabrielle mentioned that her boyfriend, Ben, was coming to visit. We decided to do something special, get out of Seattle, and take a weekend road trip.

We considered a few destinations, but finally settled on Astoria, Oregon. Continue reading “Location Scouting in Astoria, Oregon : Day 1”

Observations of Consciousness, 2/18

Day 19 is our first road trip.

I’m/We’re learning how all this works.

We drive to Highway 9 and north to Little Mountain Park. We don’t know where we’re going and I can’t focus on maps, we wander. We stop at the scenic overlooks, but there’s an old abandoned car I’m trying to find. I remember it from my first trip here and we scramble up and down a couple trails until finally it appears around a corner. (It’s on the Bonny & Clyde trail, southeast of the juncture with Fred’s trail, for future reference.) Continue reading “Observations of Consciousness, 2/18”

Exploring : Route 66 (Part Four)

Finally we had arrived in my second favorite state : New Mexico. I’d visited once before as a kid and something about it really makes me feel at home – perhaps it’s the topography, the twisting roads; maybe the light and desaturated color tones; or simply the quiet, slow and creative way of living.

Continue reading “Exploring : Route 66 (Part Four)”

Exploring : Route 66 (Part Two)

(for part one, click here)

One day I was watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians (philosophy and critical analysis to be blogged one day soon) and Kris Jenner mentioned that at the end of family vacations she always asked everyone what moment was their “peak” and what was their “pit.” Inspired, I asked my father and sister the same question at the end of our journey. Funny enough, I’ve already forgotten what everybody’s “pit” was because those are the moments that matter the least – but we could all agree that the “peak” was our visit to the City MuseumContinue reading “Exploring : Route 66 (Part Two)”

Exploring : Route 66 (Part One)

Ever since I was a kid, my dad has been taking me on road trips. He loves driving; I love maps and scenery; we both love exploring and learning about the world around us.

We decided to take what’s often lauded as “the ultimate road trip” in a rather impromptu way. My dad was in Ohio for business and I had just received a work schedule that cut my hours to less than 20 a week. By switching a couple shifts, I was left with a large swath of days off and I booked a one-way ticket to Chicago. We’d meet there and then drive back to the west coast via the storied highway 66. My sister, Madison, liked the idea too and joined us.   Continue reading “Exploring : Route 66 (Part One)”