Location Scouting in Astoria, Oregon : Day 2

On Day 2, I awake and am further impressed by the universe, the sun, the little corner of the Earth I call home, the Pacific Northwest, the town of Astoria, and this hotel/hostel. The rooms have such an amazing natural light that keeps me slow and sleepy and a lazy morning finally leads Brian and I to breakfast at the Columbian Cafe. Continue reading “Location Scouting in Astoria, Oregon : Day 2”

Location Scouting in Astoria, Oregon : Day 1

A few weeks ago we were making dinner at my house and Gabrielle mentioned that her boyfriend, Ben, was coming to visit. We decided to do something special, get out of Seattle, and take a weekend road trip.

We considered a few destinations, but finally settled on Astoria, Oregon. Continue reading “Location Scouting in Astoria, Oregon : Day 1”

A Short Hike to Cedar Butte

We had a special visitor from Montreal – Gabrielle’s boyfriend, Ben – so we decided to take a scenic tour around Seattle. We wanted to go on a hike and experience some nature but it was a sunny Sunday after weeks of rain and I knew the regular go-to hikes would be packed. I found Cedar Butte trail, conveniently right near Rattlesnake Ledge, and we headed out. It was short, but sweet, and we had lunch on the shores of Rattlesnake Lake (no pictures – one of those moments too perfect to disrupt with a camera).

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A Visit to Golden Gardens

In the late afternoon of a crisp fall day, Aoife and I headed out to Golden Gardens park to enjoy the view. We were dismayed to find signage warning us that dogs were not allowed on Seattle beaches as I was primarily going to collect beach glass and shells. Nevertheless, we enjoyed a quick walk, took some photos, and made a stop at the dog park that’s just up the hill.

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