Evaluations of Truth

A very dear friend of mine introduced me to a simple but mind-reorganizing thought:

There is truth in everything.

Meaning even things you find to be totally wrong, totally gross, totally evil, totally crazy – the idea was (or is) at some point, at some scale, through some alternative lens, based on a kernel of truth. I always try to look for this truth in the opinions, beliefs, and choices of those around me, to better understand where they are coming from.

How do you know when you are right? When something is true? There’s some sort of sign or indicator that you must tune into. Mine is goosebumps. They occur too often to signal cold. They occur too pointedly to simply be fear-based adrenaline reactions – in fact they often induce a state of pleasant calm. They are a certain type of goosebump that appears when something is resonating with me on a three-dimensional level (mind, body, soul). They occur as a burst of energy rocketing through my body urging me to follow the thought, idea, opportunity, opening door. They are a signal of “truth” and direction.

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Writing, Living, and Diving Deep

Early on, I wrote a letter to myself – and when I say “I”, I think I’m referring to my most-inner soul, God, or One-ness because I have no idea how I could have generated these thoughts on my own. I wrote it and left it for a long time and found it a few months ago. I was shocked to see what I had written – about myself, about my future – and couldn’t believe how that level of calm insight and vision could have been written by me.

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Is Everything Always in Progress?

I keep wanting to caption and preface all my photos with “this is a work in progress” – but months later it still doesn’t feel finished. I don’t think this pursuit is ever completely finished.

Everything should always be works in progress. I am a work in progress, forever and always.

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