Understanding Consciousness through Photographic Production

My photos are like a record of the way in which my brain is functioning. The camera is the tool being acted upon, in ways determined by current processing mode and speed of my brain. I let my brain/heart/spirit -> Self act upon the camera, without much directed choice. I just try to see a moment of perfect lighting/color/texture and capture. Continue reading “Understanding Consciousness through Photographic Production”


Another Greenlake Day

Sometimes I’d like to just post photoblogs of daily life because that is enough – I am forever grateful for this experience that I get to call my life and all the wonderful people, places, and pets that are a part of it. This post is a record of what I saw over one November weekend.

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House Love – Seattle

I could look at houses all day. I do look at houses all day. Prepare for even more house posts in the future:

[ This sweet little cul-de-sac with homes of various ages (originally must’ve been 2 large farmhouse lots but subdivided over the years). ]
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