This Should Be It for November

Okay, after this post, I can finally get out of November, finally move on from Fall, maybe even catch up to Winter, though that feels like it’s nearing its end too.

The bedroom changed again (and it will again, and again, and again):

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I’m Still in November

One of my worst habits is the delay between taking photographs and getting around to publicly publishing them.

I will be struck by inspiration and rush to find my camera. The moment will be captured and then pass. And weeks will go by before I transfer the photos to my computer.

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House Projects

As most people know, I’m currently living with my father while I save up and figure out a job and a future and etc. I used to live in the world’s cutest house in the world’s loveliest town and I’ve been reminiscing lately. I dug up these pictures of furniture projects and my old bedroom (plus a few other rooms); they make me miss all my cool thrift and antique store finds (presently packed away in boxes) – but this longing also motivates me to get myself together and work hard towards moving out on my own again!



Living room:


Our library upstairs:

And my favorite roommate: