Life is Beautiful – A Movie by Taylor

I feel now that I am in control of my own life.

I am not seeking to control by force the circumstances of my life, but I am an active participant in its creation. Continue reading “Life is Beautiful – A Movie by Taylor”


Home Is Where the Soul Is

*Picture is not mine. From a real estate listing.

If you are ever in my company, I’m sure you’ll hear me say, “That’s so my aesthetic.”

Everyone keeps asking what I’m talking about when I can’t stop talking about my aesthetic. Continue reading “Home Is Where the Soul Is”

Is Everything Always in Progress?

I keep wanting to caption and preface all my photos with “this is a work in progress” – but months later it still doesn’t feel finished. I don’t think this pursuit is ever completely finished.

Everything should always be works in progress. I am a work in progress, forever and always.

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Everything’s a Mess, but it’s Christmas

I took a week off from work after Christmas – it was my time to intensely develop my internal and external worlds and bring them into as much harmony as possible.

It went okay, but left even more questions unanswered and ever more items on Taylor’s spiritual, physical, emotional to-do list.

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I’m Still in November

One of my worst habits is the delay between taking photographs and getting around to publicly publishing them.

I will be struck by inspiration and rush to find my camera. The moment will be captured and then pass. And weeks will go by before I transfer the photos to my computer.

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