Hi! I’m Taylor.

This blog began many years ago as a record of my travels.

In high school, I went on my first Europe backpacking trip. I’m not often described as a “relaxed” person, so living out of a messy backpack scared me witless at first. It turned out that sleeping on trains in the close company of people I’d never met before, eating delicious food made on the street, and lugging around everything I would need for a month in a dirty sack on my back was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had.

Since then, I’ve continued to seek out every opportunity I can to explore the world around me and this blog, in its new form, holds me accountable. It is where I’ll share what I learn, see, think, and feel to document a life, and hopefully find others the same as me.

Besides travel, I love spending hours upon hours in thrift stores; learning and writing about history; rearranging and DIY-ing my house; watching documentaries; hiking in the beautiful scenery of the Pacific Northwest; and developing my photography skills.

My first trip abroad: day tripping to the Netherlands!
Cinque Terre, Italy

My personal travel dreams: learn a Slavic language and travel through Eastern Europe, walk the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, and sail my own boat on a tour of the Mediterranean Sea.

The early days of this blog: Skagit Valley, WA

Right now, I’m a college student majoring in Geography and History, with minors in International Studies and French. I’ll be studying abroad in Aix-en-Provence, France during my spring semester. I just got back from studying abroad and traveling in France, Spain, and Portugal. Thus, the purpose of this blog. (I’ll also be using it as an outlet for my photos and videos!)

I’m finally done with school, at least the kind that you pay for, and I’m in Seattle working on building my dream life.



9 thoughts on “About

  1. Bonjour Taylor !

    Je viens de découvrir votre blog ! Moi, je suis aussi une jeune comme vous qui aime voyager, lire et parler la langue française. J’habite en Inde.

    Hoping to read more from a kindred spirit on the other side of the world!


    P.S- Just loved your pictures!

  2. Yaghali Du, Taylor.
    I saw you on couchsurfing and thought it was cool that we both live in Bellingham, and both are fascinated by travel. I’ve only been around Alaska, which is my home state, a little of the Pacific Northwest, and Hawaii, but I’m massively curious about the rest of the world. I’m a freelance writer who’s part anthropologist, part psychologist, part environmentalist…and I want to know how people work, how societies work, how economies work, and how millions of factors come together to make a perfect storm. So, travel is high on my list of priorities, although I’m still looking for ways to fund and organize my future trips. Anyways, I’m rambling, but I thought I’d say hi (::
    -Jasmine Koster

  3. Hey Taylor,
    I am writing a paper about occupied France. I am particularly interested in food rationing, and how food tickets became a currency of exchange. Do you have any advice where I could find information? Any interesting primary source, biography, article. Thank you.


  4. Hi, I’m am oldie (78) writing a novel about the Czech army in the south of France in 1939-40
    You have some great old photos. Can I get hold of these on line? Was there any rationing just before the Nazis invaded France? Thanks.

    1. Hi! Most of the photos I found were just using Google image search in France. So if you do the same internet search terms but in google.fr instead of google.com, you may be able to find some of them. I wrote those entries so long ago I can’t remember where exactly I found some of that stuff. But I know I used British Pathe (http://www.britishpathe.com/) for a lot of European archival research.

      The book I used as my initial source was Richard Vinen’s The Unfree French (Penguin Books: London, 2006). Highly recommended!

  5. Hi , same oldie. I have the impression your family lives in Bellingham, WA. My wife and I live in Seattle. I’m impressed by your writing about WW2 and if you are down this way I would like to meet you regarding your sources.

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