“Everything in New Orleans is a good idea.”

I am so grateful – I got to hang out in New Orleans for a week with the best boyfriend I [will ever] have (ever had). Here are some scenes.

My main objective (in life) was to photograph as many beautiful and unique houses as I could. Here are a few of my favorites:

The stylish Craftsman-esque double shotgun.
A shotgun with second story, delightfully weathered. Note the functioning shutters!
That breezy southern lifestyle and decorated palms.
A Louisiana-style Craftsman with a whole lot of character – in the Algiers neighborhood.
Everything is so ad-hoc, and shows an evolution over time…
I could live here. It looks like my Seattle life in a hotter, more sunburnt condition.
These don’t look like the original columns – wonder what they were?

“Music, Cats, Red Rice & Beans” – it’s all you need in New Orleans.

A highly ornamented reminder of the city’s resilience.

Old vs. New. Both are deserving of love.
I need every square inch of my life this decorated. Please.
The stately Garden District. Your homes were too big to fit in my camera’s viewfinder.


Occasionally I photographed things that weren’t houses. Here are those pics:

Such a great thrift store culture here – New Orleanites are super rad.
“Living the Dream”

“I’m living the dream.”

A shelf full of offerings at a voodoo shop. #eternalgratitudetothegreatforcesofspiritconsciousness #interiordesigninspiration

We stopped in here for refreshments and postcard-writing and it was one of the highlights of the trip.
This is who I sat across from. #HOWCUTE #SOLUCKY #THANKYOU
Again, just a reminder #3, we are/you can be “living the dream.”

Obligatory beignet/Kim Kardashian moment.
Did you know the most popularity I ever achieved was drawing this type of flower on the “binder signs” that people used to trade around in middle school? Those ones with your name and inside jokes and other cutely designed images. I trademarked this flower-type, for which I do not even have a name.
“She was wild and she was very beautiful and sometimes a tree strong and rooted that piece of shelter that never asks for anything in return.”
you’ve got this


New Orleans is existentially lit and I am so in love with it. I know every time I travel I say “GEE WHIZ I COULD LIVE HERE!” But this time I mean “GEE WHIZ I COULD REALLY TRULY LIVE HERE!” It met so many needs of mine on psychical AND metaphysical levels and I know I’ll get back there someday.


BONUS: We made a weekend trip out to Brian’s friends’ farm in the Louisiana countryside. Thank you for hosting us @compostellafarm 

They grow mixed greens. The best.
Brian had never seen a horse before.


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