Life is Beautiful – A Movie by Taylor

I feel now that I am in control of my own life.

I am not seeking to control by force the circumstances of my life, but I am an active participant in its creation.

I am the director of a complicated film, where all the actors and PAs are not under contract and can show up and do whatever they want. The scenes are improvised, but guided by a script and storyboard that is read from my heart, an inner light. It shines brighter when the script is followed and everything feels illuminated. I can’t read ahead or know what will happen; the script has a strange way about it, of having always been written and yet being written in every moment.

Life lately feels like the life I’ve always been trying to create, the movie I always thought I was watching, but it kept on following un-welcomed plot twists that led backwards or over-complicated the plot.

Now I’m finally in the *right* movie. The true movie. And everything I always knew I wanted, needed, or believed is here and provided.

I know there will be plot twists, but as the director, I now get to choose how I (playing the main character) shall react. I am responsible for incorporating plot twists into the storyline, thoughtfully, creatively.

I am the director of my movie, because I am a channel for (and working with) God-Consciousness/Spirit/Me.


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