Observations of Consciousness 1.30.17

I met someone exactly like me.

A twin soul. Our paths are so similar, our purposes and passions so aligned.

What do I do?

Are they my soulmate or a best friend? Are those labels too narrow to place upon another complex human being?

(the lenses through which we respectively experience life have only the slightest differences in their refraction of reality; does this impede or encourage growth?)

Did the universe send him to me for a reason?

Am I the universe and did I invite this into my life?

Everything happens for a reason; big ones, small ones, hidden ones, obvious ones.

I think we’re going to create something amazing; we’ll motivate each other to the best realizations of our selves. I just don’t know what that is, how it’s done.

Thank you Universe and forever I am grateful for all the beauty in this life.

P.S. I’ve never been totally comfortable on this blog because it’s felt like a copy of someone else’s. A format of pictures and predictable dialogue arranged to fit a certain brand of girl-meets-blog style. I’ve tried for a long time to get interested in that but I’m giving up.

I want to experiment with radical authenticity – in a hyper-real world awash with content, that’s the sort of stuff that stands out to me. I want to stop filtering my thoughts through a big sieve of societal norms. I want to take natural photos that are good without all the editing. I want to live a lifestyle that is a real human life, not a curated one. The world needs it; I need it.

I want to write my thoughts and emotions purely. I am who I am now and this is a record of my evolution. I do not have the answers; I have only theories and questions and holding them in my own head does very little to advance my understanding.

I am posting them to the world, in its internet form. I am extending my radio beacon beyond my own energetic body to the mass consciousness we’ve created on the internet. I want to hear others, I want others to hear me, and I want to attract, meet, and learn about all of you (like and not like me).

I want to grow with others. Neither you nor I are static beings; we grow and change and I don’t want to fear sharing something because I may grow and change my mind later. Of course I’ll grow and change my mind later. I hope we all do because otherwise we’re not living.


I am, and so are you.


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