New Year Who Dis?

2017, it’s here.

I spent the first of the year in my hometown of Snohomish, wandering the streets and antique shops as I’ve always done, as I always will, but with fresh eyes.

But can we talk for a second about how stinkin’ cute my dog is? I was packing my things and had to go back inside to grab more stuff; 15 minutes later, came back out and she was sitting at attention next to my car. MY LITTLE LOVE.

We didn’t eat at Fred’s but we ate at Jake’s. Could’ve gone to Steve’s, or Joe’s, or Tim’s, but we chose Jake’s. Who are these men, absent from their namesake restaurants, places run almost exclusively by female servers?

This looks like rain.

This belongs in a thrift shop, and in my hands.

This price/situation is outrageous.
Mood lately.
There are so many good lamps in this world.

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