I’m Still in November

One of my worst habits is the delay between taking photographs and getting around to publicly publishing them.

I will be struck by inspiration and rush to find my camera. The moment will be captured and then pass. And weeks will go by before I transfer the photos to my computer.

Then a few more weeks will go by, as I slowly edit photos. After spending 8 hours a day at work staring at screens, I hate coming home and doing it more. Though the editing work feels better, my eyes are still exhausted from the aggressive glare of PCs in a cubicle lit by fluorescents. I crave natural light.

This craving causes me to take more photographs – which is great! But it also reduces “editing the 1000+ photographs you’ve taken” to the lowest priority in my free hours.

Thus, I am here today posting scenes that occurred way back in November.

Another really great day out thrifting – a camera case, kitchen tools, desk organization, clothing – a little something for every aspect of my house/soul/being.
I continue to become closer to who I am – I think I look radically different now (writing in January) than this photo. I smile a lot more. AMAZING!
The bedroom scene, featuring the world’s most amazing dream blanket, thrifted for $5.
If this isn’t everything, I don’t know what is. A dog, an old house, a big tree, and landscaped beauty, with beautiful colors, tones, and textures.
The Shelves.

Thrifted art find ($6) that speaks to my soul – grateful for how much cheap/free art there is in the world.

The rest of the house continues to evolve as well:

Brainstorming Before
Attempts After (work in progress)
A corner under construction.

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