Euro-Trip 2015 (Part 2 of 2)

I didn’t think Antwerp could get any better, after the architecture and printing museum.

Alas, it did! 

This unlabeled (maybe labeled but I can’t read it), relatively bland building, held a secret:

We rode a wooden escalator down underneath the city:

To a tunnel that led underneath the river:

To the other side:

Where we found views of the city and a falafel lot of good food:


On our last day in Antwerp, we discovered a cool old church with an unusual amount of carved rock detail (it’s on the right of this simply gorgeous brick building):

Then we were back on the train again, heading out to Amsterdam.

Oh, Amsterdam.

Love of my life. Everything we saw there was perfect.

We stayed on a little boat at the end of this dock:

And rented bikes:

And with the sun partly shining above us, we headed out to the countryside for a day-long bike ride (it had been cold and overcast most every day of our trip, did I already mention?):

Our destination was the town of Marken in the intriguingly named “Waterland” region north of Amsterdam:


We found a great little dog outside this shop, living my dog’s dream life:

Back in the city, my cat-obsessed sister put Amsterdam’s Kattenkabinet as priority #1:

It’s a museum devoted to cats and cat art:


Here are a few more random photos of beautiful Amsterdam:



Our last stop was Berlin – and my photo library for Berlin looks a lot like this map:

I did not take very many photos. 😦

But here is an installation featuring the Berlin wall:

And here is the “Northwest” buffalo exhibit at the Berlin Zoo:

We spent a very special father’s day driving around Germany – our dad was on a business trip and met up with us. He had a rental car and we drove the German countryside – I am very used to traveling Europe by train, so the car was a refreshing change!

I could look at this old house all day. This is just pure fairy-tale magic:


We weren’t far from the Bastei Bridge so we made sure to stop:

We also weren’t too far from the Polish border – and none of us had been before – so we hopped over the border and stopped at a McDonalds to try the “local” food.

(Thank you for a wonderful trip Dad & Madi!)


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