#TBT Euro-trip 2015 (Part 1 of 2)

It’s not everyday that your sister invites you to travel Europe with her and offers to pay most of the expense. But it was one day, in 2015, and I could not answer anything but “yes.” We flew into London and then journeyed down to Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany. I flew home, she continued onward. These are some highlights from our visit:

We arrived in London on a cold summer day (little did we know, this would be the weather our entire trip, regardless of how many shorts and tank tops we had packed #obviousamericans). We stayed in a little B&B that was very close to most everything we wanted to see – we only had three days and proximity was a priority.

This umbrella shop was right down the street from us.


As usual, the majority of my photographs featured architecture and the old, established features of cities that are so foreign to my American eyes.


We stumbled upon a cemetery of “heroes” – the Watt’s Memorial to Heroic Self-Sacrifice. I love these – “Elizabeth Coghlam, aged 26, of Church Path, Stoke Newington, died saving her family and house by carrying blazing paraffin to the yard. Jan 1 1902.”

And a Hare Krishna festival:

Then we made a stop in our first of many European art museums, my most favorite museum-type of all time.

To end our tour we got a view of the city from the London Eye.

Our next city was Antwerp in Belgium and we stopped in Brugges on our way…

… on our way to Taylor-in-architecture-heaven-land.


We visited an old printing press museum which was Taylor-in-historic-interiors-heaven-land.


(that’s leather wallpaper on the walls!)

The next part of our tour included a wooden escalator, a cat museum, a few castles, and a McDonald’s in Poland. Stay tuned.


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