Exploring : Route 66 (Part Four)

Finally we had arrived in my second favorite state : New Mexico. I’d visited once before as a kid and something about it really makes me feel at home – perhaps it’s the topography, the twisting roads; maybe the light and desaturated color tones; or simply the quiet, slow and creative way of living.

The first night we stayed in Tucumcari, NM – a town known for its neon lights and retro motel architecture. We arrived after dark when the town was fully lit in its neon glory and it made quite a statement.

The Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari, NM.
The Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari, NM.

I went out the next morning to photograph the signs in the daylight.

The Palomino Motel.
The Palomino Motel.
The Motel Safari.
The Motel Safari.

Then we detoured from Route 66 to drive through the hills into Sante Fe. Like St. Louis, I would live here if given the opportunity. Might just go ahead and MAKE the opportunity for myself… 🙂

My sister and I browsing the market in Santa Fe.
My sister and I browsing the market in Santa Fe.

After Santa Fe, we made our way down to Albuquerque to get back on track. And when in Albuquerque, must make the obligatory Breaking Bad filming locations tour (we ate at Los Pollos Hermanos aka Twisters of course).

Then we stopped at the The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History – another highly recommended museum that does a great job at exhibit design and engaging artifacts, including uranium jewelry, nuclear-themed restaurant ephemera, and build-your-own nuclear power plant sets.

With only a few days left before we were expected to fly out of LAX, we were on the road again for the final AZ to CA crossing.


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