Exploring : Route 66 (Part Five)

Now at a slightly more rapid pace, we crossed the New Mexico border into Arizona. First on our sightseeing list: the Meteor Crater and its 1980s-time-capsule visitor’s center and gift shop (would recommend for that alone!).

And then a quick stop at 2 Guns – a “ghost town” with very little history as a town, but plenty as a tourist trap. Like many of the novelty stops along Route 66, 2 Guns or Two Guns (I like the numeral but imagine it’s officially “Two”) offered a gas station, motel, cafe, and souvenir shop.

But where Two Guns got really unique was its zoo:

Remnants of presumably unethical and inhumane cages – can you imagine a mountain lion kept in here?


We were cutting it close on getting to LA so we enjoyed the views of the flat desolate desert-scape from our car:

Until we ran into a colorful assemblage of shops in Seligman, AZ.

The storied Snow Cap Drive-In in all of its collaged glory.

Then it was a few more miles of desolate, quiet desert-scape (my fave!):

Until we came down around a hillside and saw this donkey right on the side of the road.

And then another one, right at our car window…

And then we knew we were in Oatman, AZ – unofficial donkey capital of the USA.

A few more hours through the Mojave and we called it a night in San Bernadino.

Obligatory stay in a wigwam motel – can’t not when you’re on Route 66!

In the morning we drove the streets of LA – with sights I’d seen on reality TV finally realized in actual reality.

Finally, the end drew near as we walked down Santa Monica Pier.

Official Route 66ers!


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