House Love – Seattle

I could look at houses all day. I do look at houses all day. Prepare for even more house posts in the future:

[ This sweet little cul-de-sac with homes of various ages (originally must’ve been 2 large farmhouse lots but subdivided over the years). ]

[ Definitely one of the original houses – it’s the only one with a driveway that aligns with the original street paving! ]
Some details…

[ Hidden cat. ]

[ This dreamy little gem! How swanky, how cool. ]
[ Imagine this perky blue pioneer – probably used to sit on a large lot with far fewer neighbors, maybe even had a view from its perch! Now there’s  d w e e b y   b r o w n    m i d – c e n t u r y  bothering it next door. ]
[ I love small houses. Keep on keeping on small houses – stay strong. ]
And then…

[ Unassumingly I started up this street and then I see this peeking over the fence line. My heart races… ]
[ This, my friends, is my dream home. Whoever lives here is my soulmate – if you’re reading this blog, stop and EMAIL ME NOW!!! taylor (at) ]
[ Like my soul was trying to leave my body in this moment and go knock on the door of this house. But, of course, I denied it that thrill and carried on after taking a bazillion pictures. Now I can’t even remember what street it was!! Did it even really exist?? Must find again… Will spend my whole life trying to find you again. ❤ ]


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