Bedroom Renovations

Day 1: The basics are moved in, the planning begins.

Of course, then took a break, swept the porch, and walked the dog:

Day 2: A shelf is born. 

I went to the salvage store and bought an old bleacher from a local high school – I love the aged, well-worn look of the wood and the lines and letters carved into it by bored teenagers.
After scraping off the gum stuck to the bottom (very authentic), I measured and cut the shelves to fit my space and hung them using two metal rods and an assortment of nuts, washers, and screw hooks into the wall.

Always grateful for the extra help from my father!

Then a few more hours unpacking some more boxes and… voila!

The semi-final reveal:

My bedroom is very small – this apartment was originally labelled a “one bedroom + office/den” – and I took the den. But I like it because it is very clear what this room is meant for – relaxing, reading, sleeping. Not much else can fit! The shelves create a sort of headboard for my bed, and make function-able wall space that would otherwise be useless (there’s a wall heater under the window). They work with the awkward square corner “pop-out” – which I assume must be a support beam or hiding post-construction electrical that was added. Now I’ll work on curtains and lighting!


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