Moving In

-+- October 1st 2016 -+-
I have been planning and re-planning the layout of this apartment since the day I first saw it two months ago. There was no confirmation that I had the place until mid-September, but I just knew it would be mine –
one of those “love-at-first-sight” moments.

For the month leading up to our move-in, I  “window-shopped” online for curtains and rugs and countless other decor items. In moments of clarity, I was able to tell myself to stop and to think mindfully about my home and what that meant for me. Yes, it was fun to plan the superficial accouterments (synonym: impedimenta) but there were more important things to plan, most notably:

How did I want to feel in my new home?

In future posts, I will provide more context to what led up to this, but simply put:
this new life in Seattle carries an enormous amount of importance for me.

It is an opportunity to learn and develop into the person I have always been, to free myself from physical and psychological baggage, and break old habits while developing new, healthy, life-giving ones.

For example, I am eager to break the not-insignificant habit of mindless consumption, especially for home decor, consciously or sub-consciously based on the latest trends I see scrolling through the image- and idea-laden wormholes of Instagram and Pinterest.

New Seattle life is an opportunity for detox. It is an opportunity to set down and ship out all those things I’ve been needlessly carrying around: to de-trend, de-brand and, once unburdened, to just be.


Once the paperwork was signed and I was entrusted with the keys, I walked through photographing the natural light. My roommate and I are both very conscious of the way light can make or break a room – we have identified many “trouble spots” already where we’ll need to add some hanging lights or wall sconces, as well as fixtures that need to have the bulbs replaced to give off less of an artificial orange glow. The front room, below, lacks overhead lighting (both a blessing and a curse) and is only this well-lit with the door open. It will be one of my first priorities, because as it exists now, it is only used as storage space.

My bedroom, below – clearly needs a less orange overhead light!

The apartment is being painted as I write this, so that will change the light and color as well – hopefully to make it brighter and give us a fresh, clean start.

This picture is a perfect symbol of all the new opportunities, perspectives, and experiences I am inviting into my life. Restarting the blog is one of them.



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