La plus belle ville du monde

The other night I saw “Midnight in Paris” (because! I’m volunteering at the Pickford Film Center and you get free passes and it’s awesome and I can’t wait to see all the sweet independent films/documentaries to come) and I decided that I should finally make that Paris post that I never did. In the movie I saw all the same streets I walked, all the same buildings I photographed, all the grand parks I sat in, and felt the same awe and… I don’t know… deep overflowing nostalgic love and longing for the most beautiful city that could ever be?

But I really hate all these pictures. I wanted to just walk around the city without my camera. But I knew I’d probably regret that so instead I half-tried to take a bunch of shitty photos which I also regret. Anyway, try to enjoy these?

A Parisian morning at the Jardin du Luxembourg

I love all these little booths along the river. They sell all the typical tourist stuff (postcards, magnets, etc) PLUS old books, maps, art, records… pretty much everything I love encased in this small green hut.

Me and Notre Dame. Want to watch the “Hunchback of Notre Dame” right now.

I forget what this is? Maybe a museum?

We went on a boat tour – “Les bateaux mouches” or fly boats – that travel along the Seine. Worth it.

My first real view of le tour d’Eiffel.

And the view from the almost-top of the Eiffel Tower. We waited in line for 2 hours. Then walked up the stairs. Also worth it.

There are a bunch of these little fake worker statues as you walk up the stairway. Don’t know why.

Sacre-Coeur in Montmarte. It’s a-top a hill so you have a gorgeous view of the city. There is also a ton of artists here. I really liked it so therefore I took no pictures. 😦

This is the park in the nearby town of Sceaux, where I was staying. This is the view at the halfway point of this giant expanse of a lawn. Europe really knows how to do ginormous parks.

Also, this spur off the main lawn. Just a small pond. For this small town.

The monstrosity known as Versailles. Touring the inside was like being in a slow-moving flood of hot human molasses. But once outside, I really liked it.

The famed hall of mirrors.

Want my bedroom decorated like this.

Many pointless rooms in this complex. This is the 1830 room.

The grounds are massive. Miles upon miles of gardens. The royal family’s “summer home” is (for Alicia and I) a 1 hour walk away.

Marie Antoinette’s “hamlet.” Her own little getaway. JUST LIKE A FAIRY TALE!!!!

A little farm so she could pretend she was not living in a palace for a few days.

So, for the weekend we went to Cabourg, in Normandy. We left at night and arrived at night so I couldn’t see anything and I was tired and fell fast asleep. When I awoke, I looked out my window and saw this.

Yes, a thatched roof house. This whole town was like a fairy tale. THE. COOLEST. ARCHITECTURE. I’ve ever seen.

Where I was staying…!

The beach, just a minute away. Where we spent two whole days. Wow. How badly do I want to return.

And I don’t want to make a whole separate post for this so I’ll do it here. Right before leaving, my roommate and I hiked up Mt. St. Victoire.

The goal, from the road.

I love lakes this color.

And, for our last dinner, Paige and I made some “American” foods. Which was really hard! Finding ingredients and stuff. But the kids just absolutely adored it which was really funny. I hope they come visit me here some day.

Caesar salad, chicken strips made with potato chips, Kraft macaroni & cheese, and Nutella cookies (they don’t really make cookies over there…).

And finally, this is the bounty of stuff I brought home with me. Not including all the new clothes I bought. Surprisingly, I still have a lot of it.


2 thoughts on “La plus belle ville du monde

  1. Padre Santo que esta en el Cielo!!Que Lindo tan FRANCIA!J’aimerais la visiter 1jour if God willing!
    France’s very Wonderful country in the world!
    What a nice Francia!! Francia es uno de los países más bellos del mundo

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