Then & Now in Photos

Who doesn’t love a before and after photo? I sure like them, and I also love history. I found some old photos of Aix so I decided to go out and take a modern day photo of the same spot. DISCLAIMER: Sometimes they don’t match very well because they were taken from a window or top of a building that I don’t have access to.

Also this is a map of the town from 1913 (because its prettier than a modern map). For your reference, I live east of the town, outside of the ring road. The Cours Mirabeau is in the south central area, with the Mazarin quarter beneath it. The fountain (Place de la Rotonde) is at the far west end of the Cours Mirabeau. My school is very north, just within the border of the ring road, near to the Cathedral St. Sauveur.

Eastern end of the Cours Mirabeau, behind the statue of King Rene:

Middle of Cours Mirabeau, “fountain d’eau chaude”:

The Rotonde on the Cours Mirabeau:

Fountain of Four Dolphins, in the Mazarin Quarter:

Cours Sextius (the second main road which passes by the thermal baths):

The Cathedral Saint-Sauveur:

Place de l’Universitie (my school is maybe 100 feet down the road going to the right):

Place Hotel de Ville with its clock tower:

Place des Trois Ormeaux (abalones aka sea snails, no idea why):

Palais des Justice:

Rue Thiers:

Previously the tram station, now just an intersection:

I walked by this everyday and just realized now that it was an old “Huilerie” – producing oils:


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