A Whirlwind Weekend of Things Around Provence

I had two field trips and a school trip. And it was 80 degrees. It was quite the tiring weekend. Here are trips 1 and 2:

Trip #1

With my “Speaking of Provence” class, we traveled to a mountain that was home to a “holy cave” – St. Baume. According to legend, Mary Magdalene came here after Jesus’ death and lived in the cave for 20 some years. It was a nice 20-30 minute hike up through a “magical” forest (because there are rare and very old plants).

Trip #2

With my archaeology class, we went to Arles to see the arena and theater. Arles has the cheapest market in all of Provence, or at least that we have found so far. It is amazing. Some highlights: a caramel-filled donut, fig-flavored ice cream, and 5 croissants for the price of 1.80 euro (which is the same as 1 croissant in Aix). Besides the market, the city was also awesome so I think I will try to return before I leave.

We also went to the archaeological site of Glanum where I took no pictures even though it was beyond gorgeous. Here’s an example from Google images:

And this is the doormat I really want to buy:


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