Sur le pont d’Avignon…

“On the bridge of Avignon, they are dancing, they are dancing…”

Traveled to Avignon via bus on Saturday. Such a beautiful town, though there is really not that much to do there. It’s basically summer here. The trees and flowers have just started to bloom and it’s lovely. It was around 70-75 degrees with a slight breeze and we spent the majority of our time sitting along the Rhone River next to the aforementioned bridge. The bridge was built in the 1100s and originally stretched across the Rhone, to the mid-river island, and on to the town on the other side but was destroyed by floods and the builders eventually gave up.

The town also has the Palais des Papes, a ginormous medieval palace where nine popes resided, beginning in 1309. Pope Clement V decided to move the papacy to Avignon because he didn’t like Rome. In 1377, the papacy was returned to the Vatican, but this caused a “Papal Schism” and “antipopes” continued to live in Avignon.

Other scenes from the town:

Double Decker Carousel

Intact ramparts surrounding the whole city

NOTE: Preston made me feel self-conscious yesterday and my next blog post will have zero building photos. Just people.


3 thoughts on “Sur le pont d’Avignon…

  1. Keep up the great work! (Let me know if I need to put a little hurt on Preston for making you feel you need to alter anything. I know where he lives.)

  2. I love your blogs!!! I just discovered them and it is seriously taking me back to my time in France since you visited almost all of the same places as me! I think that your family was just kinda stingy. My host family was very generous, and toured me around all of Southern France. I mean other than hang drying all of the clothes (which I’m fine with) there wasn’t any issue with appliance use. Actually they were shocked that an American wanted to learn how to cook. They thought all of us just eat hamburgers. Anyways, don’t let a bummer family get you down, you are in my favorite place in the world!

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