Nimes & Pont du Gard

On Saturday, I paid 25 euro for a tour bus to take me to Nimes & Pont du Gard (easily 20 euro cheaper than using public transportation from Aix). Only problem is that this is my least favorite way to travel ever as it is awful to be part of a mob of camera-happy-tourists being led from place to place, where at each stop everyong is like QUICK QUICK PICTURES ME STANDING BY SOMETHING OLD WOW COOL. I can’t take pictures without there being people in them and I don’t take pictures of myself anywhere so there is nothing appealing about this.

But Nimes was a really pretty city (home of denim… de-Nimes) with lots more open spaces and shorter buildings than Aix (thus a brighter less crowded city) and had tons of Roman ruins. It still is impossible for me to comprehend the age of such things.

Temple of Diana (27 BC)

Tour de Magne (15 BC)

Maison Caree (16 BC – definitely one of the best preserved)

Old Roman entrance into city (28 BC)

Arena (70 AD). Also was briefly its own neighborhood inside the walls.

Lunch at an outdoor cafe of a Croque-Monsieur and salad that was just leaves with olive oil and sea salt. Not bad but weird because it was basically purely salt-flavored.

Later in the day, we went to Pont du Gard. SO MUCH LARGER THAN I EVER IMAGINED. I think this is because during one of my first travel experiences, when I went to New York City, I saw the Statue of Liberty and it was incredibly small and disappointing so I now I prepare myself for all major tourist attractions being disappointing (ex. Leaning Tower of Pisa). But it was SO COOL. A tourist site that is very much worth it. I really loved it. It was a beautiful location; well just look at the pictures:


The river Gardon

I’m going to say this counts as bucket list item #14 even though I was not in a kayak. We didn’t have enough time.


2 thoughts on “Nimes & Pont du Gard

  1. It’s so, so nice to see your photos of your time in Europe, Taylor. I really appreciate that you take the time to post them. Know that they are thoroughly enjoyed by people back home, even people you don’t know. I agree with you on the age of things there. It’s impossible to wrap my head around that, but your posts help a lot. Thank you, Taylor!

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