A Few More Scenes from Aix-en-Provence

I discovered a map in an old book. It was like discovering the Marauders’ Map and I almost fell out of my chair with excitement. Someone, at some time, had labeled this map with all the fountains and churches and historical monuments of Aix. So expect more Aix-focused blog posts in the future.

[Side note: These French children do not like Harry Potter. They love the Simpsons. But when I asked, “Don’t you like Harry Potter?” Rayan laughed at me and said, “Ahh non, il est stupide, avec sa petite baguette! woo woo!” Petite baguette means wand. Crazy (the children and the translation).]

Today I went to school and brought my camera (with both lenses!). So here are some more pictures of the area around my school:

Rue Gaston de Saporta (the main road up to the Place de l’Universite and my school)

And the view when walking up it.

Place des Martyrs de la Resistance, where one of three IAU-related buildings resides (right side of photo). It’s not a building so much as one room.

Stairway in the third building (two classrooms and offices on the second floor)

And the view from the window.

How French people park their cars… single file in a line and no space on either side… which makes sense…

Also, I went to the “Language Lab” at the University here (the French one) and participated in an experiment where I got paid 20 euro! They hooked me up to a bunch of electrodes:

And then I read words on a screen and hit a button if they were real words, or fake words. And whenever I saw a city/country name. And I got paid for this!


4 thoughts on “A Few More Scenes from Aix-en-Provence

  1. Thanks to your photos, I can almost get a feel for the space you walk, study, and live in. I like the ornate accordian too. On a more serious concern, I like both the Simpsons and the Potter bunch, but I want you out of that house immediately. I wouldn’t trust any family that thinks the Simpsons are better than Harry Potter.

  2. Thank you so much for your photos. I am studying abroad at AIU starting in the fall I have been scouring the internet for photo’s of Aix Center and Aix itself. If you have any suggestion on places I should visit or things I should do that aren’t the regular touristy type things please let me know. i am there the whole year so I want something exciting to do in Aix to pass the time!!

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