The Wonderful World of French Idioms

French idiom – literal translation

Things that mean I’m really hungry!
J’ai les crocs – I have the teeth of a crocodile
J’ai une faim de loup – I have the hunger of a wolf
J’ai l’estomac dans les talons – I have my stomach in my heels (?)

Il vaut mieux l’avoir en photo qu’à table – It would be better to have a photo of him than at the table – He eats so much that it’d be better if he wasn’t here.

Moi, je vis d’amour et d’eau fraiche! – Me, I live off love and fresh water! – My life is good! When you are in love, love is enough. You don’t eat very much or need many material things.

Il a ri dans sa barbe. – He laughed in his beard. – He laughed discretely, to himself.

Il boit l’alcool d’une seule traite. – He drinks the alcohol of a single milking. – He drinks a shot of alcohol.

Il fait cul sec. – He does dry bottom. – Bottoms up! (drinking)

C’est le jus de chaussette. – It’s sock juice. – A beverage that tastes disgusting

C’est le pipi de chat. – It’s cat piss. – Disgusting beverage again.

Tu bois comme un tonneau. – You drink like a barrel – You drink a lot.

J’ai un verre dans le nez. – I have a glass in the nose. – I’m really drunk and laughing a lot.

J’ecris avec des pas du chat. – I write with the feet of a cat. – I write badly (handwriting).

Il pleut des cordes. – It rains in ropes. – It’s raining a lot, cats and dogs!

Tu chante comme un casserole. – You sing like a pot. – You sing badly.

L’argent ne se trouve sous le pas d’un cheval. – Money is not found under the foot of a horse. – Money doesn’t grow on trees.

J’ai d’autres chats à fouetter. – I have some other cats to whip. – I have other fish to fry.

J’ai la moutarde qui monte au nez. – I have mustard up to my nose. – I’m getting angry.

J’ai une poupee dans le tiroir. – I have a doll in the drawer. – I’m pregnant.

Va te faire cuire un oeuf! – Go cook yourself an egg! – Get lost!

C’est la fin des haricots! – That’s the end of the beans! – That’s the last straw!

Il ne faut pas pousser mémé dans les orties. – It’s not necessary to push granny into the nettles. – That’s taking it a bit far/to the extreme.

J’ai le cul bordé de nouilles. – I have an ass lined with noodles. – NO FUCKING CLUE. I need a French person to translate this for me.


3 thoughts on “The Wonderful World of French Idioms

  1. J’ai le cul bordé de nouilles. – I have an ass lined with noodles.
    * I’m taking my donkey for a walk on a leash.
    * I’m not feeling well and must stay close to the toilet.
    * My father eats too much pasta.

    This is the best I can do…

  2. Il a le cul bordé de nouilles means he is very lucky .
    Avoir du pot, or du cul means to be lucky . For people of rich descent, we say ” il est né avec le cul brodé de diamants”, and I think ” le cul bordé de nouilles” comes from those two origins .

  3. J’ai le cul bordé de nouilles – means : to be very lucky! but it’s not very polite not impolite but not very well in a normal conversation.

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