A Festival of Lemons

Over the weekend I went to the “Fete du Citron” in Menton, France. This super cute city is really close to the Italian border and is known for its many many lemon and orange trees. Every year they have a festival celebrating the fruits, complete with sculpture art, garden tours, parades, and expos. (It was on my bucket list for France.) Each year has a different theme; this time it was “Great Civilizations.”

A Roman forum.

Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Viking ship.

Viking lady?

Viking cross?

Aztec temple.

I want a lemon tree! Think it’ll grow in Washington?

Trojan horse.

Something about Helen of Troy…

I don’t know. Matt Harper dancing?

Pyramids of Egypt.


Typical vendor booth.

Tons of jelly/marmalade.

Lemon alcohol or something.

Woolly Mammoth. A great civilization.

Mmmm… something about Ancient Greece?

The Sphinx. Pronounced “la sph-aaaahnkkks” with lots of nasal.

The town of Menton.


Maybe a church, I just love Saint-Exupery!


One thought on “A Festival of Lemons

  1. Thank you for the pictures! Gorgeous!
    PS. About the woman with lots of snakes for hair (I don’t know. Matt Harper dancing?), that’s Medusa.

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