Dear Barcelona,

I didn’t like you. I should’ve never left Portugal. I guess it should’ve been obvious that after leaving a paradise, everything else would seem mediocre at best.

The stuff by Gaudi was okay (nothing compared to Sintra & manueline decoration). Barcelona was just a tourist mecca. A dirty disorganized tourist mecca of blah. I barely took pictures because even in the parks, even at the scenic overlooks, it was just not that pretty! It looks basically the same as San Diego – but I like San Diego more! I was done after one day. The other two days I spent outside the city at Montserrat Monastery (the best part) and Sitges (nothing in this town at all). What is the appeal of this city? Where is the magic that you think of when you hear “Barcelona?” akjdhfkjadhgdsjgfakjgh;dajg DISAPPOINT.

This is all I’m going to say on the subject. I didn’t even want to make a post about it, but here it is:

Parc Guell

Las Ramblas (main pedestrian thoroughfare, also a tourist trap)

Mercat de la Boqueria (highlight! Favorite thing about Barcelona, just a gigantic super colorful market that was cheap. I had strawberry-coconut and raspberry-pineapple juices.)

And candy-filled.

Some boring park with a building in it.

Sagrada Familia. Yep.

“Teleferic” that goes to the top of Montjuic (overlooking Barcelona).

The cable car that goes up to Montserrat Monastery.

The church, where a boys choir sings everyday at 13:00, and you can also find the…

Black Madonna, and touch her hand. “Legend has it that the Benedictine monks could not move the statue to construct their monastery, choosing to instead build around it.”

Landscape around the monastery (went for a short hike here).

My view at lunch.

Sitges, just south of Barcelona. Nothing here.

Except this, the most interesting thing.

Another “hike” along the coast, was really just a path next to the train tracks… 😦

The only picture of me that exists from my winter break. I met a woman on the hike and walked with her, trying to communicate in a conglomerate of French-Spanish-English. She took this picture of me, just as the wind blew. Such a keeper.


5 thoughts on “Dear Barcelona,

  1. Taylor, i relate to your commentary, and love your pics. i was only through Bar-lona twice, and regret never really giving her a chance. i also loved portugal: nazarre, porto, coimbra, evora, lisbonne, and a couple others, couple of weeks; sangria and chicken lunch, wooonderful gespacho, bbqed sardines on the sidewalk… loved the food and the manner of the folks. are you in france for the year? should i be en train de t’ecrire en francais au lieu de cette pauvrete de langue avec laquelle on est nes??? ={b
    bisoux, m dole.

    1. Merci pour ta remarque, Mr. Dole! Je suis en France jusqu’a mai 14. Et j’apprends la langue tres vite, c’est bien, tres tres bien. Quand je reviens aux Etats-Unis, je vais rendre visite a toi et nous pouvons parler en francais seulement. 🙂

    1. Did you go to Madrid? I hear it’s a matter of whichever Spanish city you go to first, that’s the one you’re going to like. And I loved Madrid!

      1. I’ve never been to Madrid. I will definitely add it to my wish list! Looks like you are having an amazing time!

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