Walking to the Oppidum d’Entremont

About two miles north of Aix, there is an archaeological sight called the Oppidum d’Entremont. It is the remains of a Celto-Ligurian settlement which was home to an estimated 2000-5000 people. When the Romans discovered the thermal springs in what is today the town of Aix, they began moving into the area. The Celto-Ligurians became a bother for them and the Romans proceeded to remove the population around 110-90 BC.

(For pressing olives)

Statues, tools, and other items discovered at the sight are housed in the Granet Museum (which I also visited last weekend).

I decided to walk there, because I walk everywhere and it is one of my favorite pastimes. It’s actually on the top of a hill, to my surprise, but the walk ended up being more enjoyable than the actual sight as the view above Aix was GORGEOUS (and I found Cezanne’s “painter’s garden” and it was cool to see rich suburban French houses instead of apartments). Unfortunately, it was a bit overcast and I don’t like the way most of my photos came out because you can barely see famous Mt. St. Victoire – you’ll have to wait until springtime!


One thought on “Walking to the Oppidum d’Entremont

  1. Very cool. I’m sorry the sun, which has been there almost every day, wasn’t out for you. I’m glad you enjoy walking, especially in such cool places! Did you find any drachmas laying around the excavation site?

    Thanks for the link to the history of the area. That makes it fast and easy to get the deeper background. It helps me like the Salyen people for their secrecy of there lifestyle.

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