A Mini Photo-Blog of Aix

I think I must look and/or act French. I get stopped on the street ALL. OF. THE. TIME. This does not happen to me in America. Jehovah Witnesses, people asking for directions, people wondering, “Are shops open on Sunday?”, etc. And always in French; it’s not like I’m being stopped by fellow Americans. I’m not complaining – I like it a lot.

UPDATE: I didn’t go on the Nice-Cannes trip. I’ve felt flu-ish all weekend, without actually having the flu since I did get a flu shot. The major drawback is that the trip was free (well, included in my tuition) and that I missed meeting people. However, it was raining which would’ve been not fun to walk around in and also I’d already planned a trip to the same locale so that I could go to a festival. So I’ll just go to that instead!

And so, having finished all my homework, I walked around town this morning to take some photos. Enjoy:

(In chronological order, and this begins on the route that I walk each day to school)

The famed Cours Mirabeau – the prettiest street in all of France (especially when there are leaves on the trees…)

Some of the fountains are covered in moss because this area is known for its naturally heated water – that’s why the Romans founded this city.

La Rotonde, at the end of the Cours Mirabeau. On the other side of this is a mall (with an H&M – yes).

This is the Pavillon de Vendome, built in 1665 for Louis de Mercoeur, the duke of Vendome who became governor of Provence in 1652.

This is my school! (One of three buildings)

Place de l’Universite – the square right outside my school. It is surrounded by two other schools (one of political science and another of… everything) and then the Cathedrale Saint-Sauveur (built in the 12th century).

The political science school; my school is down the alley on the left.

The local post office.

Place de l’Hotel de Ville – city hall and clock tower.

Some scenes from this morning’s market! (Des salades)

Menthe (mint)


Fruits du mer (seafood)

Chevre (goat cheese)

The prettiest place to live in the whole town.

I literally just watched this episode of Top Gear last night. And then I saw this car.

Also, there will be more history/info on a lot of these places in the future! Very EXCITING history/info because I just learned a fact concerning bucket list item #19 that makes this town/this school/my route to school *hint* very COOL!


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