Virgin America is Perfect

This first post about the trip that was San Francisco is pretty much just one giant advertisement for Virgin America. If I can, I am going to EXCLUSIVELY fly Virgin America because I love them so much! They were perfect in every single way and far superior to any other airline I’ve ever flown on.

1. The interior of the plane – everything is either red, blue, or purple lighting. Which just makes it look super cool. And ALL the seats are black leather with REAL pillows built into the headrest.

2. The flight attendants – they’re all young and attractive and wear classy outfits that include an ascot.

3. The safety message – is animated in this really creative way and I actually watched it:

4. The RED media center – On the back of every seat, there’s a touch screen computer thing full of music, TV, movies, food-ordering system, and a Google map to show your current location (I love when planes have that). Some of it is free, some of it you pay for. But I was completely and totally happy as I listened to a variety of Kraftwerk, Taylor Swift, John Coltrane, Kaskade, and Dolly Parton (it has a little bit of everything). Then I could also watch free satellite TV, which included CURRENT TV, Doc TV, and the Disney Channel (the only TV I watch anyway!).

5. I transferred my SFO – SEA flight to an earlier time with the greatest of ease. No fees paid, no hassle at all.


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