Plane Tickets: Purchased

I’ve successfully purchased my plane tickets. Although I hovered over the “Finalize Order” button for about 15 minutes, triple checking dates and times and bank accounts and making sure it was absolutely perfect. Hopefully, it is. I’ll be flying out at 12:45 PM (which sucks because I’ll need to sleep on the plane; therefore, all night party the day before), catching a connecting flight in Amsterdam, and then arriving in Marseille! A representative from IAU will pick me up from the airport, and then I will go to meet my host family! Who I know nothing about, yet. But I’m very excited to find out who they are, where they live, kids, pets, rooming situation, etc.

My return flight requires an overnight stay in Amsterdam. That’s exactly 12 HOURS in Amsterdam. It’ll be like a movie, maybe, where I do a ton of crazy dangerous stuff, fall in love, and barely make it to my plane in time. Probably not. I’ll probably just stay at this super cool hotel:

(Yes, the shower/toilet are just in little glass “pods” that are in your room.)


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