A Bike Ride on Lummi Island

I woke up this morning (rudely, that is, with Savannah calling to demand that I go to breakfast at the Little Cheerful) and noticed that it was delightfully sunny out. So I painstakingly loaded my bike into my car (Honda Accords are not meant to carry bikes and it never will again) and headed out to Lummi Island. It’s about thirty minutes away (not taking the freeway) and it is across from the Lummi Indian Reservation. There is a ferry dock with ferries running all week on the hour. And it costs only $4 roundtrip for a bike + passenger! After walking my bike up to the loading area, I noticed I didn’t have any cash because I AM AN IDIOT so I freaked out and ran around trying to find an ATM (ferry departure time t-minus 7 minutes). Thankfully, bikes load last so I was able to get cash and make it onto the boat.

The ferry dock at Gooseberry Point

The ferry ride takes only 6 minutes. Upon arrival, I’d advise taking a left on South Nugent Road.
And then a right on Legoe Bay Road, which cuts across the island. The southern part is a gigantic huge hill (hiking trail to be completed at a later date) while the northern part is pretty flat. By the way, there’s barely any cars. And all those that I saw, they waved. Loved it. I passed some quaint little farms and then a little white church. There is beach access at the church via a wooded trail (1 of 2 public access beach areas that I found).


Eventually this road turns and borders the water.



This is the remnants of a cool track to haul boats out of the water.

Where the boats would be stored...

Reefnet fishing. Only happens in the San Juans.

The road continues, with prime real estate devoted to cow pasture! Oh, Bellingham!

This house is so freaking awesome and I want to own it.

For something more traditional, I also like this house.

Also love this piece of architectural adorableness!

After a total trip of 7 miles, you come back around to the ferry dock. There is a cute store on the island too. And this is also where there is more public beach access (though not much).




Overall, this took me one and a half hours. I stopped every five minutes for five minutes of picture taking. Then, I began the equally beautiful drive home.
I stopped at the Waterfront Trail that I randomly saw on the side of the road:

This guy was just enjoying the view, playing his violin! It was precious.

And then I noticed a sign pointing to the waterfront that I had never seen before. I ended up at Zuanich Point Park (in the process, hitting a bump that caused my trunk lid to swing open, hitting my bike and slamming the handlebar down across the bumper. So, that’s scratched). The park is SO AMAZING!! Why did I not know this existed??? It’s right next to the marina (I LOVE MARINAS) and has a cool view of WWU too.





And the park had exercise equipment every so often on the trail...

Seeing this stunning scenery is the closest I get to becoming religious. It’s insane how pretty natural landforms can be! Randomly! Someone HAS TO BE placing mountains next to water with forested rolling hills and a perfect sun in the clear blue sky. There’s no way that just happens (then I remember that: yes, it does).

Here’s some panoramas that I took also, just for fun (hence the apparent seams/discoloration). You’ll have to click on them to see them larger:


lummi island bike ride

lummi island bike ride

lummi island bike ride

(Better quality photos are available on my Flickr account)


2 thoughts on “A Bike Ride on Lummi Island

  1. Those are some nice photos. Actually, Lummi Island isn’t part of the reservation, but it’s still a great place. And, yeah, Zuanich Park is fun. Sounds like a pretty good day!

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