IAU Course Schedule!

Got an email today about the classes I’ll be taking in France! There are no time conflicts for the ones I had requested (without knowing the schedule) so I was able to get into them all! VERY HAPPY!

My classes:
FRE 307 – Advanced French II: Conversation and Composition (slightly intimidating but we’ll see how it goes!)
POL 307 – The European Union
ARC 310 – Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations (“includes excursions to sites in Provence”!)
COM 312 – Speaking of Provence (the area as seen through history, literature, and media and “includes excursions to sites in Provence”)
HIS/COM 314 – France during the Occupation 1939-1945 (I LOVE WWII HISTORY and, yet again, “includes excursions to sites in Provence”)

And it gets better.

Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, none of my classes start until 14:00. That’s 2:00 PM!!!

Tuesday and Friday my first class is at 10:30. But Friday, I only have that one class!

And to me, this all adds up to a large amount of weekend excursions to other places around Europe. SO PSYCHED.


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