Observations of Consciousness, 2/18

Day 19 is our first road trip.

I’m/We’re learning how all this works.

We drive to Highway 9 and north to Little Mountain Park. We don’t know where we’re going and I can’t focus on maps, we wander. We stop at the scenic overlooks, but there’s an old abandoned car I’m trying to find. I remember it from my first trip here and we scramble up and down a couple trails until finally it appears around a corner. (It’s on the Bonny & Clyde trail, southeast of the juncture with Fred’s trail, for future reference.) Continue reading “Observations of Consciousness, 2/18”

Antiques I Have Recently Seen

Last weekend I attended an antiques fair.


This copy was already full of a life’s mementos – if anyone can find me a blank one I’ll pay you top dollar.

Need to make myself one of these.

I chatted for a while about the antiques business and how to get in it with the owner of these fine lamps – Jim Whitaker of Eclectic Antiques. Thank you so much for your insight!


❤ ❤ ❤

Understanding Consciousness through Photographic Production

My photos are like a record of the way in which my brain is functioning. The camera is the tool being acted upon, in ways determined by current processing mode and speed of my brain. I let my brain/heart/spirit -> Self act upon the camera, without much directed choice. I just try to see a moment of perfect lighting/color/texture and capture. Continue reading “Understanding Consciousness through Photographic Production”